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  • Ella Hedgecox

Samba's first blog

Samba and I have been dancing partners for just over a year and this is our progress so far. Due to covid our first competition was at the end of April 2021. I jumped from competing at novice on my previous horse, Rosie, straight to advanced medium and scored a fantastic result of 68%. Since then we've qualified for the Area Festival and were invited to compete at the Area Festival Championships. Sadly due to a minor injury we had to take a step back to recover. Luckily I have a brilliant vet and physio who have helped us get back up and running to full fitness and we're looking forward to competing again this summer. At home we've been working hard on developing our partnership and teaching Samba that we are not quite ready for his piaffes yet! A typical week with Samba involves 4 training sessions a week as well as either a hack or a lunge day. He also loves his daily turnout which we are very fortunate to have here. As well as a serious and powerful warm blood, he is a bit of a comedian too. Follow me on Instagram for photos and latest stories, at ellahedgecoxdressage and sillysamba!

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